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Noah Berger – fires, protests & the news

Episode 112 – Noah Berger

Noah has been described as “The California Photographer Who Has Shot More Than 100 Wildfires.”  He talks to us about his experience with taking photographs with fires.  Although he is a freelancer with corporate and news work, Noah talks about why he works with other photographers.  It’s a fascinating topic and gives you some idea about his preparations too.  He was kind enough to tell you about the photography kit too.

Although Noah has shot this sort of news work for a long time, he talks about how it’s changing and why it’s worrying him.  We do go through a couple of his images which I will add to the website because they were making me very emotional.  You may notice my tone change when we discuss them as I believe Noah captures the devastation of people, animals, and not just the landscape.  We also move on to his press work with protests too, which is quite worrying – especially getting shot!

In this one we discuss:

  • shooting in teams
  • police scanner tech
  • sleeping in cars
  • safety
  • planning trips
  • fire tornado
  • California press laws
  • postal deliveries
  • subject matter
  • staying unbiased
  • protest photography
  • getting shot
  • covid, lockdowns & curfew


Noah website

Press article

Noah article


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Extra content

Noah kindly allowed me to use any pictures of his website and thought it would be nice to show you some of those we discussed.

noah berger - protests
noah berger - in safety equipment
noah berger - picture of fire with animals

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