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Night time

Night time – forages in the dark with the Phlogger

image of ciaran at night

A steep learning curve about limitations of cameras and long exposure, though my eyes did not fail to see the sights, my fingers and experience let me down.  I took this shot of my friend setting up and threw a small fast flash to watch the effect (it was pitch black).


image of kia at night

Another experiment with light, albeit this involved me running around the car to flash light whilst using a long exposure.  The way the car was shining, bringing the metallic look at was beautiful. The only downside, was that it was so dark I kept falling over as we were down a quiet lane so late at night!



On the infamous night of the meteor storms, we embraced the light evening – both my fellow friend and amateur photographer to try and capture the night sky.  The night was like most of an amateur, mixed results, planned to capture stars and ended up with shots of my car and friend.  It just goes to show planning is not everything, but experimentation is great to learn new tricks!

Hope you enjoyed the night images, many more to come, winter approaches!



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