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Nicole Morrison – Carl, Freelancing & GIF’s

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 167 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


I’m pleased to introduce you all to a photographer from San Francisco called Nicole Morrison. Nicole specialises in food and drink,as well as lifestyle photography. When you come across her work you are drawn in by the colours and happy vibe. It’s not a simple thing to create and has taken practise. We talk about how she has adopted to freelancing in to the world after leaving university. Nicole is a happy and smiling type of person and loves writing too.

I came across her work through Lenscratch as she had done some interesting work with GIF’s. The project about makers was really interesting and drew me in, it’s so nice to see people using their hands in this age of technology and especially considering her local area (Silicon Valley).


So in this one we discussed:

  • editing photos vs writing
  • bright colours
  • GIF formats
  • importance of test shoots
  • culture shocks
  • mentors
  • Etsy
  • surviving freelance



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Nicole was happy to forward some examples of her work over so you can see why it’s so fun and bright!