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News in brief with Paul Lefko

New from the phlogger presents, we have our very own news segment.  This is called “news in brief” and features Paul Lefko on this episode.

We will take you through some recent products, gadgets, tips or people we have found and think you may like.  Please note this was recorded towards the end of 2018 but all content is still relevant.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Ektachrome
  • File transfer product
  • Hoxton’s latest book
  • Large format enlarger
  • Leica theft
  • Lomo purple film
  • Panasonic’s full frame camera
  • Photobooth tool
  • Video editing tool

The idea behind these shows was not to care about today’s or yesterday news.  But to focus on interesting elements that can help you in your workflow, help you choose suitable gear.  Paul is helping and advising  with digital photography and will provide some technical talk where needed.

Don’t forget the Phlogger will include products and news from the analogue world too.

Hopefully many more to come soon.


  1. Panasonic full frame and photokina. (1-18 mins)
  2. Ektachrome, 8+16mm movies (18 – 27 mins)
  3. Lomo purple (28 – 33 mins)
  4. Intrepid (33.30 – 42.15
  5. Leica theft (42.15 – 47.45)
  6. Hoxton press (47.45 -51.45)
  7. Photo booth (51.45 – 54.30)
  8. File transfer (54.30 – 57.30)
  9. Video anim (58 – 1 hr)


Beverley Jones –

Ektachrome –

Hoxton press –

Intrepid Enlarger –

Leica theft –

Lomo purple –

Viddyoze –


Paul Instagram –

Phlogger Instagram –

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