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Model safety with Alix, Beth & Emily

Welcome to episode 97 of photography insights, the show that interviews people from around the photography industry.  Today is a very special one, something different from my usual interviews and focusing on a specific subject – model safety.  Since I’ve worked with a few and seen some of the problems, I got together with a few to record this.

What follows is a discussion on a Facebook group we are members of that is specifically aimed at safety for both photographers and models when working with new people.  It’s a great resource where people can ask questions about others and get some feedback from their experiences.

The group has some careful moderators involved to ensure it’s not just a place to go slam photographers or vice versa.  From the podcast you will learn a little about it and why it’s a really good place for us all.

I’m joined by Alix, Beth and Emily who came forward to talk about the group, experiences and provide you all with some great advice.  All the models give some insight when things can go wrong on shoots and what you should do.  Each one has their experience and its quite eye-opening what can happen.

We will talk about ways to whistleblow and when you should for safety.

Everyone provides some great advice for best practises that models should follow like doing some homework on the photographer.  You will also hear my side from a photographers viewpoint too, that should help with any fears.

The models also pinpoint some red flags you should watch for before, during and after the shoot too.

I want to thank Alix, Beth and Emily for taking time out to record this.  We felt like its something that is important to us all and wants to protect you all from any potential issues.  There are links to the model’s social media feeds and do urge you to work with these fantastic ladies.



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