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Michael Snyder – climate, prius & end of the world

Welcome to photography insights I’m your host Andrew Walmsley.  This is the show that interviews people from around the photography world.

Today I’m shaking things up and will be a sign of the near future for the show. I watched a few documentaries recently and this got me thinking about a different type of photography.

So today I’m interviewing someone who is not only a talented photographer but a film maker too.  Michael snyder has worked  for many years in the doucmentary and science field of photography.

An educated man with master and batchelor degrees in science. His work can be found in National Geographic, guardian washington post etc.  He has lived in the UK, Japan, Hawaii, New Zealand, Washington and now resides in Virgina, USA.

We talk about some of his fun projects like the visitor, breathing life, demolition men, the roof runner and the family at the end of the world.  But we find time to talk about climate science and his documentary “into the dark” too.

Michael’s a father, adventurer, has a great character and we have a laugh with my questions.


So in this one we discuss:

  • transiberian trains
  • how to make a story
  • local media
  • trying ideas
  • short/long term projects
  • double exposure
  • being a spaceman
  • cultures
  • jumping Prius cars
  • climate change
  • surfing in the olympics



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Extra content

Michael is once again on the road, but has given me permission to use these images from his website. So please do check out more on his website. These are all from the projects we touched on, but honestly just a fraction of Michael’s lovely work.