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Matthew Curtis – beer blogger, photographer & podcaster

I’m pleased to bring you episode 102 which is all about one of my favorite subjects – beer!!!  During COVID it’s been great to get to the weekend and relax with a couple of beers (obviously you all should drink in moderation like me).  After a recent delivery from Beer52 I looked through the Ferment magazine and noticed some interesting articles.  This work led me to the author behind the work – Matthew Curtis.  Matthew is a freelance photographer, blogger, podcaster, and now a magazine publisher!

It was really interesting to talk with someone who actively has an interest in great beer, but has the vocabulary to describe this.  Matthew really has understood how to use each medium (the written word, the spoken word, and photography).  He’s originally from my local area, so it’s nice to hear about his roots and also how traveling to breweries around the world has helped him.  Matthew doesn’t pull his punches and will tell you honestly about his work, mistakes, and his thoughts of some labels.

He talks to us about his magazine label – Pellicle, its beginnings, and how COVID has affected the brand and his life.  Matthew also talks about his roots in adult life and how he stumbled into photography.  He’s now very experienced and works for a few brands and even helps teach others.  

In this one we discuss:

  • magazines
  • how to get paid for writing
  • beer varieties
  • lactose intolerances
  • supporting local businesses
  • amazon vs online breweries
  • shooting fruit
  • learning editing
  • working with CAMRA
  • layout vs imagery
  • pride and North/South divides


Random questions

Yes, Matthew eases his way through these and won’t forget thinking about hitmen from now on!  So don’t forget to check out Matthew’s unique way of banning daydreaming.



Please do check out Matthew’s lovely work.  His magazine is made through voluntary contributions, so take a look!

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