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Masters, Hull + Fisherman (interview with Tobias Beachwlyd)

interview tobias beach-wlyd

For episode 48 we interview a documentary photographer – something new yet again!

 It’s great fun interviewing people from so many different genres.  Tobias is a friendly person who likes to help others and always glad to listen to.  We recently had our trip around Hull, which you can find on my website.

In this podcast we have discussed:

  • Teaching 14-18 age group
  • Burying film
  • Degree + masters
  • Hull fisherman
  • Tips for choosing a uni
  • Cameras lusts
  • Kickstarter M.A.’s
  • Kevin carter pulizter picture

Tobias enjoyed his time going through our random questions, so find out:

  • what he’s doing on the last day of the planet
  • would he dare turn of a new google app that can foresee the future
  • will he choose truth over ignorance

To find check out the show.

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