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Mark Tamer – glitching, manifesto’s and migraines

My name is Andrew Walmsley and welcome to photography insights.  This is the photography podcast that interviews people from the photography world.  Today we feature someone from my home country – UK.  Mark Tamer is a multi media artist from London, or I suppose you could also say experimental photographer too.

 Whether it’s digital cameras, scanners, chemicals, toy cameras Mark has tried it.  Looking over Mark’s range of projects was fun, because there is a total variety.  The Multi portraits was something I noticed online and couldn’t believe this idea.  Sure many of us have seen multi exposure, but not to this extent!    He came up with the idea with a friend after realising he didn’t have many portraits.

We talk about his other projects like memory that fades that is all about editing hex code!  Moving across mediums he talks to us about his issues with migraines. This led him to the idea of shooting every day for his migraine diary and used the chemigram process!  Mark is another lover of the analogue world so we even discuss one of his film soup projects called breaking pictures.

He is a great guy and hope you enjoy this, here are the talking points for you:

  • layering images
  • moving to analog
  • glitching
  • chemigrams & migraines
  • film soup
  • manifesto’s
  • prescription drugs

We even manage to fit in my random questions so find out Mark’s fashion tastes and why he would give a present to Mark Twain.


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Extra content

Mark has also sent me these images to support the interview, hopefully they will provide some clarity. it’s great to see this use of migraines with the chemigram process.