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Lions, advertising and action with George Logan

George Logan is a concept advertising photographer from the UK and has been shooting over 30 years.  Recently he’s put together a book about lions with the Born Free Foundation who work around the globe.  They help and can provide sanctuaries so animals can live as normal a life as possible – but it will never compare to the wild.

George’s passion stems from his love of lions at a young age and frequently visits Kenya, Ethiopia, Zambia, Tanzania,Botswana, South Africa and Namibia.  Lions are definitely interesting animals, you all remember seeing them visiting zoos.  But to people like George its something they dislike and he’s doing his best to keep them in the wild through his charity work.  But time is short and they are rapidly becoming extinct because of humans.  He talks to us about the life of a lion, the Maasai warriors, poachers and conservation too.

When you look at George’s work you see a well executed plan and vision.  One of the funny one’s is the Costa Rica shoot for semi wild monkeys for Ikea.  We even discuss why its important for him to shoot the right way.  Another example of careful planning was the football “bad boys” project he worked on.  This was all about recreating iconic football moments with children and did really well, it most retweeted picture according to the daily mirror.

In this one we discuss:

  • chasing a cheetah with a Hasselblad
  • making images stand out
  • zoo’s effects
  • personal projects & belief
  • trajectory to extinction
  • seeing death
  • hypocrisy of helping
  • covid + human interference
  • importance of celebrities
  • dangers of shooting
  • skill vs technology


Random questions

Of course we have to have some fun, so find out why we discuss double camouflage !



Do check out the work of the charity and George’s site, we only scraped the barrel on his work!

Book –

Charity –

Website –

Extra content

I’m thankful for George allowing me to link these photos from his website. Most of these were discussed in the podcast.

Anti Poaching patrol in Kenya by George Logan
The Zoo: Born Free Foundation
Derelict London by George Logan
Ikea shoot by George Logan
Ikea shoot by George Logan
“Ballotelli” – Bad boys project by George Logan
“Robbie Fowler” – Bad boys project by George Logan


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