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Lindsay Adler – colour, lighting and technology

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 153 of photography insights.  This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


My friend Stephen Rendall had talked about a famous fashion photographer during a previous podcast (link here).  After going through some of this persons work I was actually enthralled by it and just had to get in contact with them.  

Now this was not easy to pull off, she is a very busy lady and it’s took some months but I’m pleased to say we have Lindsay Adler.  Lindsay is amazing photographer, who is at the top of her game in the fashion industry (she has over 388k followers just on Instagram!).  Her work is on magazine covers, editorials and adverts across places like Marie Claire, Elle Magazine etc. Lindsay teaches through her links with Adorama, Canon and places like Creative Live too.  She also has 5 books out there too and also started her own learning platform. I truly believe you will become hooked on her work once you check it out.

What I really liked about Lindsay is not just the hard work and countless hours she puts in, but she cares about her team around her.  She talks to us about this especially during times like this pandemic.  Lindsay is very honest and doesn’t mind sharing tips with us all, so in this one we discuss:


  • mood boards + stories
  • researching artists/stylists,make up
  • wedding photography
  • purpose + colour
  • holding attention
  • wet plate
  • technology changes
  • best modifiers
  • importance of lighting
  • lasers

Listen out for her answers to my random questions too.



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Thanks to Paul Ottley for kind words recently on social media.  A great guy who started his photography journey in the last few years and I helped teach a little about lighting. 

As you heard last week about my latest article on that old WW2 hospital. I’ve had some lovely feedback from the lady who run the tours and have something to offer a few of you. Mary can actually arrange some small group tours for photographers that include a 7 hour visit – so plenty of time to shoot!  It’s in a small group of 4 and if anyone is interested please get in touch.

Extra content

Lindsay kindly said I could take images from her website. So i’ve put these here to show case some of the work we discussed.

You can see the styles and looks she achieves are just fab and using both hard and soft light too!