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Lena Storjohann – EBS, pinhole and roundabouts

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 152 of photography insights.  This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.

It’s funny how my previous guests can influence my decisions over future shows.  Kat Reichert was someone I became friends with, so when she recommend Lena Storjohann I reached out straight away.  Lena’s work falls under the Lomography field, it’s full of colour and alternative thinking.  We began talking as she attended the Experimental photography festival in Barcelona.  Well it turns out she took part and had a workshop on multiple exposure.  You can see how this type of work suits Lena, as she thinks differently about using film – wait till you hear about exposing both sides of the film (EBS).  Her fun continues by using 35mm film canisters for pinhole work!

So in this one we discuss:

– macro & contrast

– still life

– double exposure

– ebs

– solargraphy

– pin hole


– peanut cans

– washi film

– film soups


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Extra content

Lena has sent through some examples images. They are fun, bright and definitely all about her alternative shooting!!!! So hope you enjoy