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Kristin Bedford – Equality, god & lowriders

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 159 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.

This weeks show I’m proud to showcase an artist from the US whose work I came across through lenscratch. The images are really nice and it’s about a subject i love – well sort of. So we talk with Kristin Bedford from Los Angeles who has worked on something called “cruise night”. Cruise night was something that stood out for me. It’s been mentioned in so many outlets around the world! The project is about the mexican/californian lowrider community (cars that have been lowered) so although it’s about cars in theory its not really. 2 years in the making but Kristin’s book is now available so watch out for the link in the show notes, your welcome to treat me to a copy too!

Another project of Kristin’s is called “perfect picture” where she spent 5 weeks at the house of the father divine, A man considered god by his followers and we are talking about a black person during the 1930’s! I think its very respectful the way Kristin works and shoots, so please do check out her images.

We also talk about a project about what I would call pop up shop front churches. Its all about slavery and religion, so very important documentary work. Finally we finish on “Alvarado street” about the people in the area and Kristin’s roots in street photography.

In this one we talk about:

  • equality
  • natural light
  • considerate portraits
  • prime lenses
  • famous lowriders
  • churches + poverty
  • black rights
  • street photography
  • camera technology


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I was privileged to meet a couple of my friends who I met through my podcast. Yes I able to meet the cool Louis Rodiger from episode 80! Louis flew in from Tijuana in the states and was staying over in London for a few days. So I hoped on a train and walked around the banks of the thames with his lovely other half Ana too!

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Later in the afternoon I was able to meet with Kev Percival who you might remember from the Science Museum in London (which a lot of you have seen in the press). Kev appeared on his trusty bike and we met for a coffee in the park, just down from Buckingham Palace. Just don’t ask me where, London is new to me so I’m a total stranger.

You can find out more about Kev on our podcast –

Anyway it was an amazing day, hopefully I can write a little about it soon. But for those that follow me on social media you can tell I’ve been busy in the darkroom again playing. Anyway more on that next week.


Extra content

Kristin kindly sent over the following photos – please remember all photos on this site are copyright of the artist and not allowed for reproduction.