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Kristen Joy Emack – Barbie, cousins and denial

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 156 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


In this weeks episode I talk to an award winner. Kristen Joy Emack recently won the ZEKE award by the Social Documentary Network. I’m so thankful to come their work and start sharing some of the wonderful photographers with you. Kristen’s work stood out as it showed something important to me – family. Not all work needs to about a model, a worn torn country or something miles away – it can be that thing right in front of your nose. I know for me I struggle with this and talk about this. But Kristen presents her cousins project with an array of her photographs over the years as an interesting story. She opens up about the story of the cousins and her project based around her daughter too.


We also talk about something that effects everyone in their lives at some point. Kristen had never spoken about this body of work so it felt really special to talk about something so dear to her heart. She lost her best friend and talks about her approach of coping with this and her photography project.


It was a pleasure to talk with Kristen about life, we all share these connections, it should not matter about our locations, circumstances or skin colours. I felt so privileged learning about her friend Gina and hope you do too – maybe you can relate.



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Kristen has supplied the following images about her projects. Hope you like them and check out her website.