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Kodak winners!!!

Finally I am proud to bring you the results from the competition run in partnership with Kodak Alaris.

Both Andrew Church and I have taken time going through all the submissions. There were entries from lots of different countries and genres of photography. From landscapes to portraiture, abstract and street too. It was tough choosing just a couple and we had to keep going over them to see which stood out the most with our keyword “feeling”.

If you want to listen to the podcast and here Andrew’s feedback and comments on your work check it out now – link

Honourable mentions

So because there were so many quality entries we decided to publicly name some of the images that stood out. These are in no particular order:

Jennifer Lawrence –

Chris Chinnock –

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Feeling…Alive #phlogger_kodak Competition entry! 🤞

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Chris Cowden –


So without further ado, in 2nd place, we have the one and only John Whitmore aka “thedarkshed” on Instagram. His Inca Trail image not only grabs your attention of the leading line (the “V” is prominent too) but makes you want to go trekking too.

If you look at John’s work you can see he’s talented in the darkroom too, so it’s nice to support someone who is involved in all areas of film work.

1st prize

Our first prize goes to someone new and unknown, a rising talent. Both Andy and I were very impressed with the quality of his work that just nudged him into first place.

The winner is BARNEY MAGUIRE!

Well done Barney, for an 18 year old who is new to film, your work is simply stunning. For us the choice of the model, the background and aperture worked so well. The processing, editing and exposure look spot on. Look at the rest of Barney’s images and you will see why this had to win.

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The liberating feeling of authentic self expression /// feeling like the real you. Modern masculinity- a portrait taken for an ongoing project celebrating the individuality amongst men approaching manhood. Shot on @kodak #portra400 ………………….. #shotonkodak #kodakfilm #creativesontherise @nationalportraitgallery @rosie_matheson @magnumphotos #tripmag @tripmag @esquire @gq @gqstyle @britishvogue @britishgq @mamiyafeatures @bjp1854 @i_d #editorialphotography #777luckyfish @jasonbellphoto @theportraitpr0ject @negativefb #nfconversation #portrait_post #portrait_mood @editorial_labs @modelcitizenmag @mattdayphoto @willemverb @vogueitalia @britishphotographyawards #madewithkodak @minimalarchivetattoo @convertingculturetattoo Modern masculinity- a portrait taken for an ongoing project on authentic self expression amongst young men approaching manhood. Shot on @kodak #portra400 ………………….. #shotonkodak #kodakfilm #creativesontherise @nationalportraitgallery @rosie_matheson @magnumphotos #tripmag @tripmag @esquire @gq @gqstyle @britishvogue @britishgq @mamiyafeatures @bjp1854 @i_d #editorialphotography #777luckyfish @jasonbellphoto @theportraitpr0ject @negativefb #nfconversation #portrait_post #portrait_mood @editorial_labs @modelcitizenmag @mattdayphoto @willemverb @vogueitalia @britishphotographyawards #madewithkodak @minimalarchivetattoo @convertingculturetattoo @mattdayphoto #analogforever #phlogger_kodak

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We really do appreciate you submitting your work, we both understand the process of film shooting all too well. Please keep supporting the film industry and buy Kodak film – you can create beautiful images like all those submitted. Even if you didn’t win we are very grateful for your time and showcasing your work.

Please check out the work of all the other artists, the film community is about helping each other. I’m indebted to Andrew Church of Kodak Alaris for supporting this competition and highlighting some breathtaking artists.

What was also interesting was the film choice, Portra was so popular even for landscapes. Yet some of the photographers use Ektar for portrait work, which made this even more interesting.

Thanks again for your entries, until next time keep shooting. Don’t forget to check my current projects and leave an iTunes review for the podcast.

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