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Kodak, moon landings & Hasselblad (50th moon landing special)

kodak moon landings + hasselblad - 50th moon landing special

I’m very honoured to present our next guest, who will be the least youngest person I’ve interviewed!

Since its the 50th anniversary of the moon landings, I’ve got hold of Robert Shanebook who worked for Kodak.  Not only did he join the biggest film company in the world, but he was part of the team who built the camera used on the Appollo space missions!  Yes I’m talking about the camera that filmed Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong!!!

Robert is the only remaining member of the team from 1969, due to the age differences of his colleagues (he was only 21).  He has had amazing career with Kodak and published 2 editions of his book.

 We discuss:

  • Started shooting at 14 with commercial studio shooting 4×5!!
  • Electrocuted
  • volunteering at Kodak museum
  • Yashica 44
  • Only team member alive
  • Ektachrome to t-max
  • Travelling the world
  • Mr Hasselblad worked at Kodak!
  • Banned from releasing book
  • Kodak made coating plant each decade up to 2000
  • Rochester had 60,000 employees!
  • Bankruptcy
  • How to shoot in space
  • Astronauts objected to camera
  • Ektrachrome 64
  • Kodak customers & complaints


21 – infrared 

28 – the book 

43 – kodak alaris + distribution of film

48 – appollo mission camera

60 – price of posting from the moon

65 – kodak customer service


Roberts book – “making kodak film” – 

Kodak Eastman museum – 


As discussed on the podcast, Robert is updating his document on the moon landing camera. He’s still updating as we speak, but link will be here.

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