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Kodak Alaris competition winners 2021

Welcome to the results show!  Finally we’ve got through all 76 entries and sat down with the judges to discuss the photographs.  It was really nice to see lots of entries using Kodak TMax too – there were 26 of them so easily the most widely used.  So without further ado let’s get on with the podcast and announce the competition winners.


Marilena Vlachopoulou (aka @Darkroom.Memoir)

The image was shot on Kodak Tri-x and developed at home.

The subject was all about black lives matter and there has been no truer time to discuss this then during COVID.  The movement because centre spread across the global media.

As a reminder Marilena wins the following:

10 x rolls of Kodak TMax P3200 B&W 35mm film

3 x films developed & scanned (high res) by Zone Imaging Lab

1 x “All in a days work” by David Collyer (hand signed)

3 x zines, 2 x post card size prints + sticker from Static Age

5 x post card prints by Michael Behlen (aka Analog Forever magazine)


Maria from Crete (aka @maria.kll)

Maria entered with a couple of lovely photos, but we all felt this idea of a full face mask against the background worked really well.  It was a good take on the mask which has become a symbol of the pandemic.

As a reminder Maria wins:

1 x “All in a days work” by David Collyer

3 x zines, 1 x post card size prints + sticker from Static Age

3 x post card prints by Michael Behlen (aka Analog Forever magazine)


Ben Hughes (aka @benhughesphoto)

Ben’s photo was a link to all childrens past but also the future.  It was all about what a child is looking forward to when the lockdown and virus has moved away from us.  It’s simple, clean and entertaining.

Ben wins:

2 x zines, 1 x post card size prints  + stick by Static Age

2 x post card prints by Michael Behlen (aka Analog Forever magazine)


It’s not easy judging a competition, everyone has their own impressions of what constitutes a great image and its relevance to the theme (covid). So we went backwards and forwards with a few suggestions and was really surprised by the quality of some of the colorplus results – so when done all.  In the end we decided to nominate a few that were very close to winning.

Even better for you all – Pete at Static Age has offered to send some zines anyway so watch out for those in the mail soon!

They are:

Hector (aka @hectorrezno)  – listen to the podcast for feedback

David Gilbert Wright (aka @f8documentary)

Carlos (aka @shutterbot_)

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I have included here a small selection of some of the images that we liked too, so really well done everyone. You should be proud of yourselves.


It was my honour to have David Collyer and Pete from Static Age judge the competition.  Both men offer experience in photography from different fields – but in the film world.    

We also have to thank James Lane at Zone Imaging Lab for his prize too, James is a great force in the world of development and helps in the community through his own Facebook group –

Of course I thank Kodak Alaris for their continued support of my work and providing the TMax B+W P3200 for the winner. Their generosity is never forgotten and this is now my 3rd competition with them!

See you on the next competition. Remember sign up for the newsletter to hear about any news, podcasts and blog articles.