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Kathryn Reichert – hypnagogia, solarplates & toys

Welcome to photography insights I’m your host Andrew Walmsley.  This is the show that interviews people from around the photography world.   Kathryn Reichert is today’s guest, all the way from New Yersey, New York

Kathryn Reichert is today’s guest, all the way from New Yersey, New York. Kathryn’s work is all about a combination of alternative processes, painting and intaglio printing. We came across her work through the wondeful Jason Lazarus from episode 139.  I really liked Kat’s projects – from the how my son sees it, to genetically modified and hynagogia. There are fun and meaningful works for you all to look at.

In this one we discuss:

  • buying toys
  • working with flash & long exposure
  • being a student
  • creating work
  • solar plates
  • sleep states
  • self portraiture
  • undiagnosed health
  • Hasselblad


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Extra content

Kat kindly sent over a bunch of the images we discussed and more. Hope you like them and the information Kat has provided:

GM is “Genetically Modified”- Still Life with Genetically Modified Pears” (B&W) and “Still Life with Genetically Modified Plums” (cyanotype)

HMSSI- “How My Son Sees It”- “Emporer Penguin” and “Camel” are ones I talked about specifically in terms of not being factually accruate. “Giraffes” is my personal favorite!

hypna- “Hypnagogia”- long exposure self portraits. This is my largest body of work and my thesis project for school. “Mercy” is the one we spoke about. “Creator” and “I Would Go With You” are two of my favorites, with the latter taken more towards the end of the series.

PWHB- “Places we Have Been.” These are the solarplate intaglios we talked about (photosensitive steel plate- the image is etched on via a transparency and water and then inked in the intaglio style (the ink goes in the divets as opposed to sitting on the raised parts of the plates like a relief print would be). Useful link –


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