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Kathleen Dreier – Parenting, portraits and race

Welcome to the latest episode of photography insights, the show that interviews people from the world of photography.  Today I take you to America again, with our featured artist Kathleen Dreier.  Kathleen was introduced by Jonah is another lovely soul from Tucson, Arizona who is known for her corporate work until recently.  Covid well and truly had a large impact on her life and she’s embraced the world of projects.  You will hear us talk about her work involving front line workers during COVID. But also we tackle and talk about racial issues in the country (voices of race).  Like Kathleen says sometimes its about looking in and not just out.  It’s a thoughtful and engaging body of work she has undertaken, which may end up being long term!  

Kathleen has been featured in press and media all over now (link here) and she’s using this to educate others it’s time for change.  Please do look at her Facebook page, which is now the core place for everything related to her work.  She is doing her best to help others in a respectful way.

So in this one we discuss:

  • parenting
  • workshops
  • portraiture
  • covid
  • being present
  • self portraiture
  • white history
  • need for art

A few words stood out during our time together including this:

              “learning as a white person we are part of the puzzle, the problem and the solution”


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Extra content

After recording the interview Kathleen spent some important time with her son and we’ve finally touched base. Kathleen has kindly provided some of her imagery for you all to see. I’m so thankful and glad she had some quality time.

Please do check out her project, it’s important work.

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