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Karen Constine – infrared and Japanese fashion

Welcome to episode 127 of photograph insights. This week we have a guest from Los Angeles, who received her B.A. from the University of California.  Karen Constine is a friendly photographer who describes herself as someone who practises examines aspects of cultural traditions and spaces that are in transition.

We found Karen through the website which is a wonderful resource for those looking for inspiration (thanks to Linda Alterwitz)! After looking through Karen’s work with infrared I just had to get in touch with her.  She has created this view of Los Angeles that makes it look like another world. It’s Karen’s response to COVID and about documenting the change.  What was important as Karen says was seeing nature take itself back and infrared is a great way of showing this.

Karen loves to work with people and has documented a community of people that love Harajuku Japanese fashion. Listen as Karen describes this colourful style of dressing that is around the globe.  She has been fortunate to visit many countries around the world including India, Colombia, Namibia, Iceland and Myanmar.  I urge you to check out her website and look at some of the images we discuss in the podcast, which should give you some context too.

In this one we discuss:

  • world through colours
  • Jimi Hendrix & Frank Zappa covers
  • when to shoot infrared
  • Harajuku
  • Cultural photography
  • Shooting in Iceland/Myanmar
  • wearing masks


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Extra content

Karen was kind enough to send over some pictures for you all. Here you can clearly see the focus of her photography.

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