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Joni Sternbach – surfing, tin type and wet plates

I’m Andrew Walmsley and welcome to a landmark episode of photography insights.  Yes we are now on show 150, so much has happened in the 3 years I’ve been doing this. We have all been through dark times but it’s great to see life in the UK working its way back to normal.  It really has been an emotional time recently and I can feel it with my guests and myself too.  I admire the courage it’s taken everyone to keep going, especially in a fragile industry like art, so well done all and keep fighting away.


Today I would like to introduce Joni Sternbach, an artist, photographer and filmmaker from the USA. We had speaking a long time ago about coming on and Joni reached out recently so was pleased to have a lady on for this episode. Joni has a keen interest in surfing and shoots this using large format cameras using the tin type process.  It’s an amazing thing to be doing with such large cameras, requiring everything darkroom related to be with you and taken back too.


She talks to us about her experience over a few decades, around the theme of surfing, the people and surf boards. Joni’s experience come from shooting other genres too light street which are really work checking out (though we didn’t have time to discuss). Luckily we also fit some time to discuss the world of abandonment and why we love it.


So in this one:

  • abstract
  • female perspective
  • surfing
  • change
  • learning with your husband
  • 16 x 20 cameras
  • Quinn Jacobson



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I wanted to share with you some feedback from a couple of recent guests. Here is a one from itunes from Michael Snyder

“Talented Interviewer, Great Content

Andrew Walmsley (aka, the Phlogger) is a talented interviewer who is deeply passionate about photography in all of its forms and approaches. His long-form approach to podcast production is refreshing and he has interviewed some of the interesting photographers of today. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him and listening to his content.”


Extra content

Joni kindly send over these images for you to see. I think its important to see how different tin type looks and knowing how much care has gone in to each shot is amazing.