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John Whitmore from TheDarkShed – mullets, showers and darkrooms

Welcome to episode 96 everyone, really pleased to have you on board once again.  Had some lovely guests recently and I’m adding another friendly person to the list.  This time we are discussing the darkroom with John Whitmore aka TheDarkShed.

John discusses his life around the darkroom, children and all things analogue.  He has his own youtube show and produces live + behind the scenes approach to making art.  it’s challenges and ideas he has and shows us how to do this.

What I really like about John is his honesty, he tells you straight and makes mistakes, just like all of us.  He doesn’t mind saying when something goes wrong and explains why (he usually gets there in the end).

He’s approachable on social media and can hear him on Sunny 16 podcast too quite often.


  • friendships & photography show
  • playing painting dev + pre fix
  • pictures of children
  • safety in the darkroom
  • the mentality of shooting film
  • lumen prints & grass
  • fixer thumb signatures
  • learning the incorrect way
  • pre fix  + experimenting
  • importance of combining techniques
  • how to remove hairs from negatives
  • unusual way 2do large prints
  • the business of enjoyment
  • photographers vs artists
  • being multi-skilled



The Darkroom handbook by Michael Langford –

Gulnara’s handmade project –

Sunny 16 podcast featuring John –



Film developing –

Static Age zines –



John website –

John Youtube –

John Instagram –


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Extra content

John has kindly sent us these examples of his work and loved this playing around with pre-fix.