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Johan Brooks – Fax machines, robots + sumo

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 158 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


I’m really excited to introduce this week’s guest too. It’s not often we head across the other side of the world towards Asia. This week I was very privileged to talk with Johan Brooks. Johan is a street and documentary photography from Japan. He’s lived in the UK and America so provides a different viewpoint to life in Japan. He has some fun street images but also some interesting documentary project work.


We talk about a couple of these which include the “fire corps” and “young mountains” as he calls them. Please do check out the images, especially of the sumo as you will see how they compliment the story. Johan is a very respectful guy and talks about shooting protests on the streets of Japan, as it sounds very different to other countries. You certainly get a flavour of the country and my outcome is the word “respect”.


So in this one we chat about:

  • olympic games
  • protests
  • black lives mattter
  • fax machines
  • robots
  • humour
  • morals
  • colour vs monochrome
  • humanity



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Extra content

Johan has kindly forwarded these images too, I think it was important to see the stare in the sumo shots. It’s also nice to see the humour in street photography too.

There are images relating to the protests too.