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Jason Houston – crying, gold and change.

My name is Andrew Walmsley and your listening to episode 157 of photography insights. This is the show that interviews people from the photography world.


Last week we were entertained by one of the ZEKE award winners from last year and today we have the other joint award winner! So we are talking with the documentary photographer Jason Houston. His work is completely different to others as it has a focus on climate and change. I believe the strong messages he presents in the images are needed to help wake us all up. We do have a meaningful conversation about people and the effects we cause on this planet. Jason is very experienced, has travelled the world and spent most of time away. We talk about rising water in Miami, to logging in the Amazon basin and gold in Peru and oh boy there are some important stories. I also love Jason’s attitude to try and honour the communities he visits.


Jason asks some good questions on how we make change. Remember, we are all part of the problem – from us recording the interview to even you listening to this podcast!


So in this one:

  • sharing awards,
  • long covid
  • stakeholders & complexities
  • understand audiences
  • ngo work
  • gold
  • environment
  • deforestation
  • crying


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So thanks for bearing with me, i had arranged 3 interviews in 7 days so busy getting back up to date. We’ve also had a new member of family to through in the mix – a puppy. So along with these new duties I have been clearing out my darkroom so watch out for equipment on social media. Some of this I’m giving away to others to help them and everything else I’ve sold in Facebook groups at cheaper than normal prices.


Extra content

Jason agreed to show you some examples photos from his travels. These include Peru, Nepal, Mozambique and California.