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Jaime Aelavanthara- constraints, cyanotypes & students

Welcome to the episode 138 of photography insights, the show that interviews people from the photography world.  I’m your host Andrew Walmsley and today we are hop over the ocean to Florida in the United States.  When we talk about cyanotypes, I think of our friend Jonah who actually introduced Jaime to myself.  But traditionally with cyanotypes we think about small 4×6 style prints and flowers or leaves.  Well Jaime has a really different view on this and it’s why I found her work so interesting.  Jaime Aelevanthara is an assistant professor at the University of Tampa.   As Jaime would put it “her work explores themes of the human condition and an interconnectedness with nature”. 


So looking at her images and projects you will see foilage, trees, water, leaves combined with her love of alternative processes like cyanotypes and gum bichromate.  In fact we discuss her project “palace of leaves” which was shot during COVID.  Also we discuss the problems around “modern beauty” – being surrounded by the perfection and expectations of others.

You will tell from our conversation she cares deeply about learning and applying this to her students.  It’s not about instructing, more a case of empowering a person to learn through trying.  We discuss how this has aided my learning and go through some examples too.

We finish talking about one of her students work – the accordion.  I implore you to check the website for the images and see such wonderful creations considering the circumstances.  You should also check out her writing skills too – Jaime has wrote for Analog Forever!  It’s in the style of a book review of cyanotypes so check that out here.


In this one we discuss:

  • Handling questions from students
  • sharing knowledge
  • cyanotype business cards
  • projects during pandemic
  • teaching darkroom
  • cyanotype pre-treated
  • digital negatives
  • exposure times
  • darkroom sessions
  • students
  • analog forever



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Extra content

Jaime was so kind to forward a lot of images, so you can see some of the behind the scenes too. Since we discussed different styles cyanotypes there was different technologies at play. Some required the use of a large format printer as you can see.

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