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Inventing, novels and agitation

For episode 41 we interview Tim from Stearman Press, an educator, inventor, father, husband and engineer.


Tim’s a fountain of knowledge, with experience in the engineering and inventing field and works out of a hangar in the USA.  We interviewed him to discuss his 5×4 developing tank (that’s 4×5 to those in America) and future work too.  It’s been so popular his Kickstarter made its goal in 3 days and already sold over a 1000 tanks!


In this episode we discuss:

  • crowdfunding
  • developing
  • teaching English
  • novels
  • daughters
  • Tim Layton + printing
  • prototyping
  • rules of inventing
  • agitation
  • patience
  • glass plates

Don’t miss out on the odd bit of US vs UK english ramblings too, before we move on to my random questions.  You will find out how honest Tim is!



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