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Interview with videographers!

Interviewing videographers –  Escape Everything Studios

The chance to be interviewing videographers is not to be missed.  Their recent work in the video field highlighted their quality.  Friend and fellow photographer Jon Scrimshaw (Instinctive Photography). The team created an advert/promotional video for his business and is a must see (click here).

Working with recommended people is the only way to operate. so a chance for a late night meet up with a hot drink.



Escape everything studios consists of Adam and Anthony, both local Lincolnshire guys. Their specialism is video as you may have guessed and an area of interest to the phlogger.  Meeting up with them provided enough background information on their characters.

The questions were put in place and sent over to them.  Like, everyone, they are busy people too, so it would be hard to meet up again.  The idea for this interview would be slightly different, as it involved 2 people.  This meant the possibility of both people answering the same question so you can find out about them.

However, Adam and Anthony were anxious to do this in their own way.  As such, they have graciously presented us with a VIDEO!!!  In true homage to their own work, this was so nice of them and honest.  Through their wo, k you will see their honesty, integrity and fun side show.

Click here to watch the interview



Because this format of “interviewing videographers” is different to previous interviews.  It made sense for the guys to showcase their video work instead of photography/stills.  In their work still and video fuse together to craft something unique for their clients.

Adam and Anthony present in order:

  1.  Their first ever work

2. A promo video about an events company who offer a wide range of entertainment options.

3. A recent look at the popular steampunk event held every year in this historic city.

4. Their most recent video work in the beautiful city of York.

Please note this is only a selection of their work, so please go check their Youtube channel here.

Random Questions

Of course, like all interviewee’s they still worked there way through the questions.  Video also adds another dimension to this as you can see the facial expression when reading these allowed.  Not only do you see how preposterous they are but how fun and entertaining they can be to answer.  Do not take my word for it, check the interview and see how much creativity this duo come up with.

For those who want to go direct to this part, it starts at approx 20.28 minutes, click here.



Speaking with Adam and Anthony was such a breeze, it seemed like we were on similar mindsets.  They are good guys who produce great work with their equipment.  With their knowledge of video, they recommended suitable gear to help with vlogging too.

Using their preferred medium to host the interview was a genius idea. It is rewarding to see and hear honest people.  Please check out their work, either on Youtube here or through their website here.

The responses in the video tell you more about their personas than any formal question could.  The way they played out the answers and gave context is just comedy gold.  This does highlight where a video is useful and what a great way to have fun.  I will not pick a moment or give anything away, just watch the video and look out for the shark question.

Thanks again to Adam and Anthony for meeting up and producing this work, hope to see you again in the future.  I am trying to get the good word out there about your work, so please all help and promote this duo.


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