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A chat with street photographer

Interviewing Sarah Street Media

interviewing sarah street media
Credit: Sarah Street Media

Welcome to a very special edition of an interview with Sarah Street Media.  Normally these interviews are of the written variety (Joanne Iles was the last).  They take time for both parties to sort and often delayed for one reason or another.

So one morning the idea formed to actually speak to the interviewees!  The idea is always plausible because of companies like Skype.  However, they are not professional solutions and plagued with quality issues.  Not everyone wants to show their faces on video, so audio seemed a great idea.

After briefly trying suitable podcasting software, Sarah was contacted and the rest is history.

The Interview

interviewing sarah street media

Sarah is friendly and passionate street photographer from New York in USA.  Her work has seen her move from nothing to 8000 followers in a year.  The number of lovely comments simply tells you how great her work is.

It was nice to catch Sarah in her element, as she openly agreed to be interviewed in this format.

The interview was broken down into 8 questions sections.

  1. Sarah’s background
  2. Influences in her life
  3. Why street photography
  4. Does gear matter?
  5. Rewarding shoot u remember and talk us through 1/2 of your pictures
  6. Whats in your bag
  7. Meetups
  8. Random questions

These were designed to let Sarah introduce herself and relax a little.  Open-ended questions then followed allowing some discourse between both parties.  The interview more or less followed this them.


The podcast

The experience was amazing, speaking to another person gives you more of a connection that just online chats.  There are small breaks in the audio and some background, but please ignore these.  Both Sarah and myself used very simple technology to have this interview – a mobile (cell) phone.

Jump to the interview now with this link:

interviewing sarah street media


The whole interview was conducted live over podcast on Tuesday the 17th April.  Sarah was nothing but patience till we both got used to the technology.

Each medium provides something different, audio is real.  You can mask your voice but your choice of words tells you everything.

It was so much fun and after this success watch out for so much more.

If you want to find out more about Sarah, check out her work:

Instagram – @sarahstreetmedia

All that remains is to say thank you so much for your time, Sarah.  Here is to a great year and hope you have time for a follow-up in the future.

Thanks for reading and listening!




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