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Interviewing a make up artist

Interviewing a makeup artist – Dorota

In this article you will read about Dorota, an interview with our very first make up artist.  A lady who creates magic along with the might of a model and photographer.  Read through carefully and you will see why Dorota was chosen for this interview.


interviewing makeup artist


About you

Tell us a little about yourself, where you grew up, what life was like? (Please bear in mind viewers could be from a different country).

“I grew up in a little town in south-western Poland. Currently, I am living in the UK (since 2005) in Batley near Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK.  Grew up when Poland had gone through a democratic transition. This put an end to the People’s Republic of Poland (Capitalism) and led to the foundation of a democratic government.
I could see things around me changing unbelievably quickly. I saw my city turning from a depressing, grey block of concrete flats into a colourful, vibrant European capital. There were empty shelves in shops. People only coped by exchanging goods, under counter sales. They had to use haggling, knockout markets, work shames etc. Every year summer time was a sea/lakeside. I remember fishing with dad, barbeques in sun every evening.


Rare treats in 80’s -90’s were the smell of oranges and chocolates. As they were practically impossible to buy throughout the year. Growing up in a constantly changing environment, with technology and computing improving. Many more details and stories to tell.


I have lots of great memories from my childhood and growing up, however, this would become a very long story.”



Ewa Mawdsley (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)


Tell us about the people who have influenced you in life.

“Can’t say one name – because this list is too long.”


What is your earliest memory of photography?

“My childhood snaps taken by my father.”


What is the most important part of your job?

“Research. open mind, imagination, experiment, good hygiene practice.”


What is your idea of Friday night chill?

“Evening with my partner Marian, a glass of wine, little snacks, music or movie”.



Mia Resa (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)
Mia Resa (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)


How did you get into the make up profession?

“I started from photography, alongside my partner Marian Wodzisz. Decided that its good idea for future offer basic make-up for possible clients. So I completed basic foundation course so I would learn the basics. I quickly moved away from photography and found out I had better make-up skills, for hair and creative part.


Marian and I decided that we would team up and I would focus on studio photography. My own research pushed me to challenge ideas and looks. These experiences made me into a creative makeup artistry.”


What was one of the most rewarding experiences?

“Photography Workshops with Photographer Johny Farrar. I was a guest make-up artist at workshops. The main rule was total freestyle. All involved had to bring random items that could be useful in styling. These could be from home, shops, general items or garments etc. The entire team was involved in freestyle styling and planning the look. Yet, I was very criticized by Johny for the time needed for my make-up. However, these were the early years of my career and a lack of experience. This was my opening and useful for freestyle creative thinking and planning.”


What was one of the worst experiences?

“Ha humble moment. Won the 3rd place in London competition at Professional Beauty trade event. But honestly felt like I had lost it completely haha. I was very disappointed this was not first place.


Ambition sometimes grows bad emotions and wrong feelings in us. It is also become limiting and grows us into a selfish person. Shake up/wake-up moment, stop to analyse yourself and mistakes you made. It is important to be a better person.”

Scarlet Rose (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)
Scarlet Rose (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)


Do you have a favourite accessory, an item of clothing or style?

“Not really. While my imagination is crazy and has no limits, my own style probably would be called boring haha.”


Whats the strangest make up you have done?

“Eek, a few, just look at my work, haha.”



Kerry-Ann (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)
Kerry-Ann (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)

What is on your diary calendar for the rest of the year?

“A few studio days until December are organized with two great models, Thea Rose and Nicole Rayner. Planning new studio days for 2018. December would be mostly for designing looks and matching props for new studio days in 2018. I am planning something crazy that I wanted to do for a long time. Hope photographers would enjoy this insane idea. Full-time work as usual. From now on also school.”


Is there anyone you cannot want to work with, in the future?

“Yes. I have a blacklist, but it would be very unprofessional to reveal any names.”


What advice would you give to a photographer wanting to work with you?

“None, every request, teamwork, person (photographer) and their experience is different.”



Thea Rose (model) by Marian Wodzisz (photographer)
Thea Rose (model) by Jodie Painter (photographer)


When you were a child, what career/job/field did you want to go into?

“Don’t remember at all…I don’t think I ever made such a wish or statement. Actually, I was struggling as a teenager – to define my future direction regarding school selection and work that I wish to do in my life. Hairdressing was going to be a choice, but this was dismissed as an idea.  At that time there was not a lot of high schools and colleges in hairdressing. The only available that time technical hairdressing school near my area was classified by community and society as the last option for troubled youngsters.  This was for those that are not smart enough for any other school.”


Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses

“Open & flexible mind. I love organizing my workplace/work/kit, but still struggling to correct organizing my own time and everyday life – still learning in this part.”


Nightmare on elm street, poltergeist or the twilight zone?

“Nightmare on Elm Street”


Pizza, curry or fish n chips?



What extinct animal would you bring back?

“Cross River Gorilla”


Donkey Kong or King Kong?

“Donkey Kong”


Explain life in 10 words

“Research, Passionate, Open Mind, Determination, Love, Privacy, Travel, Relax.”


You had a pet chicken as a child and it became seriously ill. It is the only source of food, do you bury the chicken or eat it?

“Eat it.

Actually, I grew up with multiple visits to close family who worked on farms and husbandry. Life there was like you play with chicken during the day.  But more likely it will be killed on Sunday for dinner. Generally, life around capitalism learned people to breed whether was possible to get food or extra money.  My father had a small breed of rabbits.  Honestly, a few of them were huge jumbo rabbits and they ware probably my very first pets in life. My dad skinned them all, fur was for sale and rabbit meat for dinner. Life.


However, this applied to specific animals and birds such as rabbits, chicken, duck, pig and cow etc. If this would be a case of dog or cat, it would be buried.”


Is there an ultimate get quick rich scheme?

“I will let you know I will find out.”


What would you eat at the “restaurant at the end of the universe”?

“Meal with king prawns and lobster.”



Nicole Rayner (model) by Jodie Painter (photographer)
Nicole Rayner (model) by Jodie Painter (photographer)

Dorota was recommended by a previous interviewee so thank you for this.  She is a lovely lady and has a very different upbringing and experience to many.  We chatted on many nights over the interview to get to know each other.  Having finally met her at a studio with Thea Rose (interview coming soon), it was clear her skill level.  She was very organised and had a modern approach to her workflow.  A very open person who videoed and provided a live stream for her work with Thea.

The glimpses into her upbringing leave you wanting to know more.  Because Dorota has a background in photography she uses this skill in her work and has clear ideas what she needs.  Even for the profile shot, taken by myself, she directed me.  It’s been a fun few weeks and months talking and cannot wait to meet up again.

Her work is sublime and please check for yourself, the evidence is on her Facebook page and dedicated website too.


Dorota MUA  – Creative

Website –

Facebook –


DOROTA – Beauty and Bride

Website –

Facebook (brides & events) –


Dorota is a true professional and has provided full links to all parties for the above photos:

Ewa Mawdsley – Facebook

Jodie Painter – Facebook

Jodie Painter – Instagram

Kate Laura – Purpleport

Kerry-Ann – Facebook

Marian Wodzisz – Website

Mia Resa – Purpleport

Nicole Rayner – Purpleport

Samantha Newman – Facebook

Scarlet Rose – Purpleport

Thea Rose – Facebook


Thank you for reading and see you next time.

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