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Interview with press photography legend Paul Berriff

Welcome to episode 59 of Photography insights, your one-stop guide to interviews with people in the photography industry.  Before we move on I wanted to thank you all for listening and supporting the show.  There are a couple of ways you can help further, which are, 1 – leave an iTunes review and to share the show with your friends. One of your friends will be interested, you can guarantee, there is a massive range of people interviewed so there is something for everyone’s interest.

Today we have a legendary film and video photographer from the UK called Paul Berriff. He’s been shooting over 50 years in the press world of photography and documentary film making.

Paul purchased his first camera from a newspaper round, he followed emergency vehicles on his pushbike in his teens!  He learned to test his film exposure by meeting bands like the Beatles, Rolling stones in their dressing rooms in the 1960’s

Paul has some great stories from just working in the press industry and then goes into the 4 near-death experiences.  I mean if you listen to them it’s crazy and you might wonder how he’s still with us.  I think most people would have given up after experiences like this. One of these concerns 9/11 and you cant feel the magnitude of what Paul is saying, so please do check out his video on Youtube.

As usual, check out the show notes on the website for links to his amazing work.

  • Rolleiflex medium format
  • Attic darkrooms
  • Chasing emergency services
  • Press photography
  • beatles/pink floyd,rolling stones at 16
  • Tri-x
  • Speed graphic, rolleiflex & Nikon f
  • Don’t breathe for low shutter speeds!
  • Printers waited for Paul
  • 1 film roll per story
  • Getting your film on time for trains
  • Police don’t arrest press photographers
  • Trained as fireman 2get first on scenes
  • Spend time with your subjects
  • 1 year with Nasa astronauts
  • Digital +smart phone revolution
  • World treade center
  • Filming ground zero clearing up


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