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Interview with Marwan & Charys from Silvergrain classics

As you already know I’m starting this series of interviews to document what is going on with this pandemic.  We are featuring an array of people from different places in the world, so we get an even picture of what is happening.

I am really pleased to present you with 2 lovely people from Germany today, it’s Marwan and Chary’s from Silvergrain Classics (previously known as Photoklassik International Magazine).  Both are active on social media and always in touch with the community.  Chary’s has posted some lovely footage including her son developing colour film in their home.  It’s really nice to see this personal touch and see there are people behind the brand, not just some business.

If you haven’t yet seen their magazine, I highly recommend it, they have some amazing artists featured.  In fact, I have written a review of the magazine and they inspired me to interview people like Jan Schlegel.

So listen to this show as we talk about:

  • large format enlargers
  • positivity
  • coming articles
  • kodak & tetenal changes
  • film industry relationships
  • cibachrome printer
  • documenting corona
  • supporting the community
  • ak47 & deers


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