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Interview with Lorenzo Mittiga – underwater photographer

Hi everybody I’m so thrilled to bring you yet another first – an underwater photographer for episode 99!  I was sat reading my copy of the technology/science magazine WIRED and came across some different photos.  It was all about reefs and a project involving them with some beautiful photographs by a gentleman called Lorenzo Mittiga.  After checking his work I was really impressed and contacted him.  Lorenzo was nothing but intriguing and fun to communicate with, he must have been as excited as me

Lorenzo’s work is known around the world for his images and works in documentaries, like natural history. By trade, he is a marine biologist but left that in Italy to work more in the field.

He’s an intelligent guy who can speak 3 languages and luckily one of them was English.  Lorenzo lives on the Dutch island of Bonaire in the Caribbean. He also talks about living and working as a photographer, so its a tale of weddings, portraiture, food, and anything else!

Lorenzo talks to us about his start in photography and shooting film, all the way through to digital.   He gladly provides details of his kit and how hard it is underwater.  He’s got some lovely split over/underwater projects too, which are very different photographically speaking.


In this one we talk about:

  • Issues with film underwater
  • Ektachrome & Velvia
  • working with Jack Cousteau
  • working with windsurfers
  • issues with sand
  • camera housings
  • how depth can affect u
  • water & natural filters
  • underwater flash
  • lemon sharks
  • the iguana shot



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Nimar –

Flexarm –


Lorenzo website –

Lorenzo Instagram –


Extra, extra read all about it!!! Yes, Lorenzo agreed to send over a few images too. Hope you like them as they are so beautiful and unique