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Interview with legendary skate photographer – Grant Brittain

Welcome to episode 103 of photography insights, the shot that interviews people from the photography industry.

It’s funny how I look back over the past hundred episodes and still cannot believe some of the names and talent I’ve managed to interview.  Each year of my photography seems like how do I beat last year.  Then all of sudden you get a reply from a legendary photographer and they say sure, let’s do it.  It’s times like this I’m still amazed that people that have so much experience are willing to spend some time talking to me.  It’s a very humbling experience I can tell you, and yes I still get nervous but this soon dissipates.  In fact, for those who come back regularly, I suspect you will notice this with guests.  After 15 minutes they might slow their speaking down and start laughing etc, but after 60 they are totally relaxed and like 2 friends are talking.  Well, that’s what I try to do and hope its conveyed.  It’s an important skill when interviewing.  Anyway, where was I?

So yes because of COVID you are lucky enough to listen to the one and only skateboarding photography legend Grant Brittain!  It’s a true honor to have a man with many years of experience behind him.   For these sorts of interviews, I just couldn’t fit in my random questions, in fact, I had to edit this down just to get it where it is now.  So I know this is a long one, so feel free to skip forward.  But listening back to Grant was such a pleasure and we spoke over 3 hours in the end.  Let me tell you, this does not happen very often.  I try to edit what I believe you want to hear but can only do my best.

There is not much that needs saying about Grant, to be honest, just google his name, check Instagram, etc.  what was really nice, as he has a great reputation in the industry too as a kind person.  He did not disappoint too, as we talk from his roots in photography, through skating, the magazines, and working freelance now.  It’s a hell of a journey  and in the words of Grant “ All wanted  to do was surf, skate & smoke pot”


So in this one, we cover:

  • going back to old shots
  • liking out of focus
  • shooting for layouts
  • embracing digital change
  • photographers eye collective
  • sleeping on pool tables + in darkrooms
  • getting out corporate feel
  • magazine industry
  • ethos of skaters
  • archives + COVID
  • cameras, cameras cameras
  • why grant doesn’t develop

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