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Interview with landscape photographer Mark Pimlott

Landscape photographer Mark Pimlott is a digital & film photographer who also shoots on pinhole too.  His work is centred around landscapes but only in black & white.  He presents these with a single focal point (usually) using long exposure.  Mark has also dabbled in portraiture with a local camera club, so we discuss some of my recent work too.

I urge you to check out his work as again its beautiful for someone who does this as a hobby.  Do check out my website as Mark has provided a collection of photos to show you.

In this one we discuss:

  • – long exposure
  • – pinhole
  • – trying portraiture
  • – honey spot locations
  • – when to shoot
  • – trying different films
  • – fun with hasselblads
  • – why he shoots landscapes
  • – subject isolation
  • – camera clubs
  • – importance of Youtube
  • – stand development
  • – Nick Cave music
  • – editing techniques & more


Random questions

Why lose weight

What comes after Instagram

Why he would give a present to Mark Hamill



We read out the latest review from Quinn Jacobson too.



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Extra Content

These images are all kindly presented by Mark and 2 of them are pinhole, can you guess which ones?


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