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Interview with Ibarionex Perello, Godfather of podcasting

Welcome to episode 76 of Photography Insights and another great guest for you.  After listening to Ibarionex Perello aka The Candid Frame and reading his blog for some time now, I have really enjoyed his conversations with other photographers.  He seems to get the stories and such interesting people, that it can really move you.  Ibarionex has been podcasting now for over 14 years and on his 500th show!  He’s also had 25 years in the photography industry, so has some great experience.  Using this gift he’s run workshops and taught in different places around the globe, written 6 books and provides critique’s and teaching too.

One of the reasons you should listen to Ibarionex is his smooth tonal voice, it’s very relaxing almost like a god of podcasting (I’ve compared this to James Earl Jones from Hollywood).

We discussed:

  • Podcasting & getting started
  • The craft of interviewing
  • Working with guests
  • Transition between podcast + photographers
  • Variety of guests
  • Maintaining lists
  • Being real
  • My spiderman interview
  • Working for Nikon tech support
  • Dealing with screamers
  • Anxiety, nerves & issues
  • Therapy Facebook group

I would have loved to have spent more time talking about photography, his talent and street photography, but time just flew.  So I would urge you all to check out his website.


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Pay it forward

Ibarionex has nominated Michelle Groskopf as his recommend


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