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Interview with historic sign photographer Mark Stein

Interview with historic sign photographer Mark Stein, is a hell of a title ain’t it!  Well, I’m back after a prolonged break from this pandemic, but I am feeling in a better headspace thank god.  After chatting with Mark recently we finally nailed down a date together to get this podcast recorded.  Apologies for any audio issues on this one, so many internet-related service issues at the minute it’s crazy.

As you know I like to bring you variety, as it keeps us all entertained.  With episode 85 and our lovely guest Mark Stein from Denver, Colorado, USA.  Mark has definitely found a niche project here.  He’s photographing some of the vintage and historic signs along the famous route 66.  Mark was one of the guys I found through Instagram and we started talking some time ago, due to our passion for film.  I even showed him a book I had been reading a few months ago about some interesting stops along Route 66 (I mean who hasn’t heard of it?)

You can tell from the interview Mark has a passion for history and photography, which makes a lovely scene and produces high-class images too.  He works hard to capture these in short periods when he has time.

In this podcast we discuss:

  • nostalgia or history
  • photography groups + trips
  • Lomography, Fuji & Kodak film
  • Bronica + metering
  • darkroom lab (California)
  • COVID + small business
  • creativity with COVID
  • growing own food
  • travelling via car/plane
  • Kotak/Ilford price increases
  • fuji film loses  market changes
  • FPP government surplus film
  • listening to vinyl

Hopefully, you will enjoy this one as I attempt to keep these interviews more chat-based and focus on the person and their art.  Please do check out Mark’s work online using the links.


I’m so thankful for Mark showing us his work, it’s always nice when people are just as motivated as myself.


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