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Interview with Gareth Davies – a tale of Air Forces, Army & Police

Welcome to episode 101 and this one I’m delighted to talk to someone on the opposite side of the world.  Gareth Davies originated from Wales in the UK but through his military career ended up in New Zealand.  He started life in the Air Force serving all around the globe, including places like the Gulf War and Bosnia (amongst a few others).  This one’s a tale of different countries, a little about the Army and how he ended up in the Police with photography.

Gareth was introduced through his best friend Stu Mckenzie (episode 95) through their military careers.  It’s fascinating to hear how Gareth transitioned from the UK Air Force to moving to New Zeland.  We do talk a little about this amazing country that has such outstanding natural beauty and why it’s a visual treat for photographers.  Gareth shoots landscapes, nature, and a little macro too, so do check out the website for examples of his work.  He’s a lovely guy who shared his history and love of his career, so listen out for a few fun stories too

In this one we discuss:

  • reconnaissance photography
  • high-speed processing
  • tight deadlines
  • sensitometry
  • shooting 4×5
  • using 48-inch lenses on a helicopter
  • shooting borders of Belize
  • combat camera
  • training Iraqi cameraman
  • forensic & training photographers
  • presets + photoshop
  • charity work

Random questions

Gareth like a few people was a little nervous about my stupid questions but easily made his way through. So, find out why we should embrace hairstyles and the name of his fictitious detective agency.


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Thanks to Gareth for providing a good selection of images – including the largest lens you have ever seen!