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Interview with fine art photographer Joel Tjintjelaar

It’s my pleasure to bring an artist and photographer from the top of his game – Joel Tjintjelaar from Holland.  Joel’s images are really outstanding and thought-provoking, based around his concepts of fine art.  His images are based around black and white (he explains why too) and usually involve long exposure.  Joel works in the world of architecture using both digital full-frame and large format film to produce high-end work for clients.  This involves him using Photoshop skills and teaching these too.

fine art photographer

Joel comes from a different background to most, after a career in I.T. and being a qualified criminal lawyer.  If you look at his brand you can see blog articles, courses, critiques, guides, books and has a unique relationship with Hitech filters (has his own range of N.D. filters).  He’s an intelligent person who perfects his skill through learning from other forms of art and reading a lot!

  • importance of studying painters + art
  • passion + defining fine art
  • learn about yourself
  • objects vs subjects
  • understanding Picasso
  • reading books
  • ideas, workflow & research
  • why black & white
  • teaching content not seen on the internet
  • tilt shift vs large format
  • 16 stop ND filters
  • shooting Phase 1 with 100 megapixels

Random questions

It was clear from talking with Joel before the interview he had a great sense of humour, so i put him through a couple.  So, find out why:

  • the dutch like liquorice
  • Joel would enjoy 200 metres running


Joel recommended this book various times during the show by Margaret Livingstone

To check out Joel’s filters, books, presets, courses, blog then check out his website.

Joel’s website –

Joel Instagram –

Extra content

Hope you all thank Joel for providing these lovely sets of images, personally I think they are some of the best work I have every seen.

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