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Interview with fine art photographer Jan Schlegel

For episode 82 we bring you a very talented large format photographer and Leica ambassador called Jan Schlegel.  I came across his work through been featured in the lovely Photoklassik magazine.

Jan is a true artist who considers the final print over any part of the process.  He has been known to spend 14 hours toning his prints. So each piece is individual like no other work.

We concentrate this episode on the intellectual side of life, discussing culture and the race against time.  It’s both enlightening and shocking to hear what Jan has seen over a number of visits to these regions.

In this episode we talk about:

– travelling to Africa, Asia

– dealing with the Taliban

– building wells

– salt & platinum prints

– language

– importance of art

– convenience

– a picture is a mirror of us


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Website –

Pay it forward

Jan has nominated Kim (aka) @_amiyumi_ to be featured in the future

Podcast quote

“convenience should not be a goal in life” by Jan Schlegel

Extra Content

After speaking with Jan he agreed to forward a few examples of his lovely work, please do check out his website for more!


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