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Interview with fine art photographer Brooke Shaden

For episode 83 we discuss the world of fine art from a self-portrait artists’ point of view

Brooke Shaden is known for her amazing creative portraiture and has taught digital art in many places.  She was even booked for the UK photography show before it was recently cancelled.

Brooke talks in a very open manner about her work, her process and surviving in this world.

In this episode we talk about:

  • shooting in daylight
  • keeping gear simple
  • teaching remotely
  • her new book
  • creating an art movement
  • opening up & being real
  • how to overcome self-worth
  • favourite pizza restaurants
  • mutual love of Frank Herbert

Random questions:

  • why we discuss Cambodia
  • ice skating?
  • cropping images?

“people just need permission to create”


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