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Interview with film photographer & blogger – Chris Chinnock

Chris Chinnock

For episode 77 we bring you someone who has some wonderful film photography to showcase and also a keen blogger.  Chris Chinnock is from the North of the UK and can be seen shooting film in the world of landscapes and portraiture.  He talks to us about his experiences with blogging, photographer, cameras and commercial work.  Working with lots of local companies he pursues his time between several jobs including photography.

Chris had previously shot over 30 weddings to learn his trade and didn’t pick up a camera until his mid-thirties.  He sold his digital camera & equipment back in early 2019, so predominately shoots film and will hire a DSLR if needed.

In this one:

  • portraiture
  • Kodak portra (inlcuding 800)
  • commercial photography
  • wedding photography
  • Pentax 6×7
  • Chinnon ce4
  • GAS & selling gear
  • the best lens
  • Digital & analog approach
  • Skin tones
  • Confidence & learning
  • Inexpensive light pads
  • Outsourcing dev&scan
  • Seikonic light meters
  • why blog

We discuss his blogs and recent articles like his low light Blade Runneresque shoot using Portra. Chris talks to us about how he worked the scheme, the light and working with the model.  He’s having great success and seeing over 1000 a month read his work, so please check out his link below.

Random Questions

Chris handles the questions like a true Yorkshire lad, with fun and a smile.  Find out why we discuss Independence Day, being locked in a padded room and selfies on the moon!

We also discuss this amazing movie –

Pay it forward

Richard Haw (Nikon guy)


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Extra Content

Chris has been very generous and treated you to a good selection of some his work.

Please especially check out the sci-fi ones from the pushed Portra we discussed in the podcast – see if you notice them!


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