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Interview with father and son film shooters!

Welcome to episode 61 of Photography insights, with me the Phlogger.  Today I have another first – father and son for guests from the world of film.

Ned & David Collyer are friendly and talented people who love nothing more than shooting film.  Separated physically and by age (don’t worry David we won’t say how many decades!).  It’s a really unique interview that conveys a  relationship filled with passion and being proud.  David touches on being separated from his son Ned and how he’s managed to watch his film shooting progress.  Ned on the other hand talks about his experiences picking up cameras through school and college and preparation for the world of university.

In this episode we discuss: 

  • Bresson’s leica m3
  • Fuji x-pro
  • Photojournalism
  • London college of communication (Ual)
  • Magnum vs seven agencies
  • Documenting the Iron mountain cannonballs
  • Protest photography + glaswegie’s reputation
  • Barney Maguire + masculinity
  • Cycling + skateboard accidents
  • William kline
  • Washi film + kodak ektar
  • Darkroom romance
  • Fixer accidents
  • Consistentcy with development


Ned and David took turns answering our infamous questions, so find out the relevance of:

  • Zero gravity music
  • Understanding cats
  • Existentialist mooing
  • Darwin awards


As always I’m happy to share the details of my guests’ social media and web links, which are:

David Instagram –

David blog –

Ned Instagram –

Phlogger website –

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Ned’s party image (discussed in podcast)

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