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Interview with experimental photographer Leon Broomhead

For episode 60 I’m delighted to bring you a quality photographer and friend of mine too – Leon Broomhead.  Leon is what you might call an experimental photographer, shooting styles that involve fashion and abstract but not directly.

What can I say about Leon, well he is a thoughtful guy, who thinks a lot about his work and how to get the desired outcome.  His work is all about pushing boundaries both in a technical way and artistic.  I’ve met up with Leon many times and its always been a pleasure.  Sharing the same types of photography has helped both of us.  Having a passion for film photography has always been part of our lives and conversations, so i’m glad to share a little with you.

In this show we discuss:

  • Fuji 6×9
  • Model expectations
  • Art nude/fashion photography
  • Shooting for yourself
  • Internet police + conforming
  • Physical contact vs social interaction
  • Talented models
  • Long exposure modes
  • Leaving expensive tech
  • Sprocket rocket


You might also learn why Leon would take a burger to the moon, in our random questions


Instagram –


These links are the photos we discussed in the podcast.  (the one of Amy Jayne)  (the one of Marie Jean)

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