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Interview with commercial analogue shooter – Christina Zen

For episode 62 we have a talented commercial photographer Christina Zen – who shoots film!

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Christina moved across to film after years of shooting weddings on digital to the world of film!  She bought a Contax 6×4.5 and never looked back.  She talks us through her experiences and provides insights about learning to use film stock effectively.

Christina shoots a variety of food, lifestyle and other commercial related work.  You can see lots of her lovely images on her website (the food images are especially mouth-watering). She also mentors with one on one sessions, so if you are looking for help, look no further.

We discuss a number of topics including:

  • choosing film
  • Pushing Portra 800/Fuji 400
  • Shooting food + eating it!
  • Waist level shooting
  • Food photography
  • Mum + coping as wedding tog
  • Need for marketing
  • Less “posed” look
  • Being creative
  • Workshops + science lessons


Christina goes through our random questions, so find out:

  • what would Jesus’s social media handle be?
  • If she chooses Julia Roberts or Patrick Swayze


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