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Interview with Bellamy from Japan Camera Hunter

For episode 74 we bring you the man behind Japan Camera Hunter, yes its Bellamy Hunt.

Bellamy is at the forefront for those in search of their dream cameras.  In fact, his business works around this idea of sourcing cameras in high-end condition.  But this isn’t all that Bellamy is know for.  Of course, there is his own 35mm film too! Called JCH Streetpan.

He’s been around the analogue photography scene a long time as a blogger too, with reviews and articles on current news.  In fact, you might know him from his writing skills and honesty.

In this episode we talk about:

  • The industry of sourcing camera
  • Japanese customs
  • Blogging
  • Amazon
  • Confidentiality + NDA’s
  • Advertisting & Marketing lists
  • Trends & travelling
  • Of course a hint of a few rare cameras
  • Cameradactyl
  • Leica MP6
  • Nikon rare 6mm lens


For the random questions, we discuss horse riding and the UK.  


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Instagram –


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