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An interview with Jeni from Signature Photography

interview signature photographyFinally, we catch up with the one and only talented Jeni Lowe from Signature. A kind lady who loves nothing more than working with babies and wedding couples.

Part 1

We find out about Jeni’s roots in Lincolnshire and her passion for slippers. After looking back at the past we discuss the wedding photography field and how you separate yourself from competitors. Jeni tells us about her charity work and what she aims to achieve going forward.

Part 2

Jeni discusses why crying is important for photography. Looking at her kit she explains what is important to her. We talk out about fitness and the health advantages.


Random questions

We test Jeni knowledge and humour here. She delights us with her calm and friendly answers. You learn how to eat a popular chocolate bar correctly. Listen out for advice on how to iron safely too!



Find out more about Jeni at

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