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Interview with light painter Denis Smith

Interview a light painter, in this show, we interview a guy from across the other side of the world, in a diverse country called Australia.  Denis Smith is not only an Olympus visionary but someone who shoots long exposure.  He creates amazing images of orbs and other patterns using long exposure + a multitude of tools.  Some of these are made by his company and sold through his online store.

Interview a light painter - by Denis
Image by Denis Smith

What made me want to interview Denis was his story, it’s one with a turbulent past.  He had a life-changing event that made him become who he is now – a great person and friend to all.  We do talk in an open and brutal manner about mental health with men.

Through his meetups and workshops, he’s able to teach people why he loves light painting so much.  Denis talks about light painting and how easy it is to get started and why do-it-yourself is an important part of the process.

I would urge anyone to check the website for the full experience, where Denis’s video will be available and some example shots. 


Podcast contains:

  • Meetups vs workshops
  • photography changes your life
  • 10 years shooting
  • battling mental health issues
  • flicker group ( lightjunkies )
  • social media
  • Long exposure
  • Diy tools
  • Experimentation
  • Olympus visionary
Interview a light painter  - orb in the sea
Image by Denis Smith

Of course, we get to have some fun with Denis, so listen out why we talk about:

  • Ski jumping long exposure
  • Strip joints for 90-year-olds
  • The perfect way to clean your lens
  • A pint of denis rodman
Interview a light painter - light painting in abandoned building
Image by Denis Smith


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Extra Content

Thanks to Denis for supplying an array of iamges for you all, so you can see just how talented he is.

Here is the link to the documentary interview I promised too:


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