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Interview with Instinctive Photography

Welcome to the very first interview, a light-hearted approach about people in the photography field.  They are designed around the premise of passion, to understand more about those in the industry.

There will be introductory look at who they are followed by a light-hearted approach to some question.


Interview with Instinctive Photography – Jon Scrimshaw

Tell the readers a little about yourself, where you grew up and about your experiences with a camera:

Jon Scrimshaw of Instinctive PhotographyI was born in Lincoln, midnight 29th February. I’m a leap year youngster!

Most of my Childhood was spent playing in and exploring the local Country Parks and old Gravel pits right on my doorstep, most holidays involved Canvas, sun, rain, laughs and lots of photographs by my Parents. School is a blur, I only really enjoyed the creative lessons.

I then moved onto Agricultural College where I studied Forestry, Horticulture and Agriculture.

Seeing a job at a privately owned Photography Shop, I took the plunge into retail and Photography at 18, buying the camera of the year, 35mm Minolta X700 and just about every extra I could get my hands on, which I paid for weekly! Half my wages paying the camera off, the other half on Films and developing materials.

I’ve been hooked ever since and used Photography everywhere I’ve worked and everywhere I’ve been. Staying quite loyal to film until 2014, but using Digital for Websites and Calendars etc.

Recently Branded Instinctive Photography, I enjoy varied projects, supporting small business Marketing, events, product photography, Portraiture and Charities. I love to shoot outdoors as a preference and Network with other Photographers for jobs that need specialist attention, such as Google Tours, Aerial and Underwater Photography.


Can you tell me who has inspired you personally or your work:

My parents were my biggest influence in terms of  being around camera’s, constantly stopping for pictures and creating carefully laid out family Albums. Mostly using Polaroid instant cameras, I can still see them wafting pictures around as they developed, we thought it was Magic!

The Camera shop introduced me to 35mm, my boss Jill, was an inspiration, every Photographer in Lincoln turned to her for advice. I can’t say I’m heavily influenced by anyone famous, I find old Vintage shots by unknown photographers capture my imagination most, if I can feel a story within the image, then it’s a winner for me.


Which of your work are you most proud of and why:

Instinctive Photography image of little girl with teddy

I’ve not yet taken my favourite image, every month, I shoot my next favourite, as I’m forever, learning and being presented with new shooting opportunities. I am however, very proud of the outdoor Portraits I’m doing, because of the gratitude I get from the people’s loved one’s I capture.


What sort of equipment have you used and what are you currently using:

I turned to DSLR late compared to many, mainly due to mistakes being less costly than film when experimenting and having the ability to use in conjunction with today’s endless Media’s.

Getting my head around the concept of editing was my biggest struggle, I’d been used to camera filters on SLR and considered that quite pure, all of a sudden, photography seemed to be a contest of the editor and not the Photographer! I’m more of a tweaker than an extreme editor.

Camera choices, Nikon, Canon, Fuji etc, no matter, I will still shoot with a Vintage 35mm when I get chance, I like all camera’s, whether it cost a Tenner or £2000, I don’t do snobbery.

I’d say my favourite lens is my 50mm, f1:4 – I’ve always loved a 50mm, 10 -18mm would be the next on my list, they just seem to be on my Camera the most.


A different selection of questions, that are both thought provoking and strange:


1.When you were a child, what career/job/field did you want to go in to?

“A helicopter pilot”

2. If you could time travel, where would you go and why?

“Everywhere! Because I could”

3. Name one of your strengths and one of your weaknesses

“Artistic but emotional”

4. Film or digital?

“film for fun and digital for work”

5. Black or colour?

“Black and white”

6. Beer or spirits?

“Wine actually”

7. Sunrise or sunset?

“Sunset, as I like the twilight it brings”

8. Did the chicken or egg come first?

“The dinosaurs”

9. Food or film (eating out versus cinema)?

“Food around a campfire, my idea of dining out.”

10. Would you rather lose an eye or a limb?

“Ouch, a toe?”


John is great guy, who I spend many a late hour chatting on social media, he is one of most focused people I know.  His photography rates are very reasonable and really does take some lovely natural light shots.

If you want to know any more, take a look at Instinctive Photography.

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