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Who I follow – photographers

Hi everyone


I wanted to give you some input on the sort of people I follow, whether you are talking of websites, social media or courses.  This list is not exhaustive and highlights a few of the people so far I really take note of.  So without further ado:

Marius Vieth

I can’t even remember where I came across this street photographer, he has an amazing eye for what you might think are simple photos.  You can read and watch about his motto and his techniques all online and seems nice person.  He regularly updates on Instagram so always watch out. The guy has won awards and produces his own “fine art” magazine.

I follow him because he’s clear, very passionate, has simple techniques and shares his knowledge.”


Thomas Leuthard

I was lucky enough to come across him luckily through Udemy (online courses) as there are very few people who have anything useful about street photography on video (plenty of books).

After purchasing his course and watching a lot of episodes it suddenly dawned on me, Thomas talks about composition more than anything.  He barely talks about technology, editing and from this you understand why – it’s all a distraction in this field of photography.  He is very clear, his work is outstanding and great for someone who doesn’t need to justify using manual mode on your camera.

“I would highly recommend his course, it’s very reasonable, he has free e-books and his pictures are great and his techniques are simple, you just need to be brave!”


Chuck Jines

chuckjinesMy final submission currently is this American chap, he’s a film person too so makes it even more interesting.  He is very much street too, including knowing people who live there.  Great choices of projects and a large portfolio, yes he charges for his blog content and has a paid magazine, but you can watch some of his documentary style videos on youtube for free.

You can learn a lot from this guy, he talks about the laws of photography, the ethics and his cameras.

“I love his straight talking attitude and his knowledge of photography and skill is first rate.”



I hope you enjoyed this brief summary of some people that have and will influence my work. All images included here are those of the artists and they have consented to include them.

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