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How to stop making mistakes with film

To start off the new year we welcome back Leyton Cleveley to discuss film.  We look at some of the mistakes we have made in the past and Leyton talks us through solutions.

This includes the camera, development and printing areas of film photography.

This podcast contains advice on:

  • Loading & winding isssues
  • camera backs
  • blank films & others
  • chemical life
  • touching chemicals
  • processing + stains
  • labelling + workflow

From listening you will understand why these are important:

  • A bottle opener
  • Bathrooms + closets
  • Stand development
  • Condensation
  • Recording your settings
  • Thermometers
  • Toothbrushes
  • Towels

Please don’t forget to check the links for Leyton’s great work: